Shipping Mixup, Support ignoring my e-mails (ticket 131771)

Early Friday morning contacted support to say my newly delivered Flightfeeder was registered to someone else’s account.
The box serial no they sent is **49, the documents said I should have been sent **94

Support could have verified this simply by looking at the output of **49, Istanbul is a long way from Ireland. Instead they sent a snarky email saying **49 is someone else’s box, we sent you **94, if you can’t connect **94 contact us again.

I cannot connect **94, you sent me **49, I’ve twice sent you photographic evidence of the mix-up, but have had no response since 10:00 CDT Friday.

On Saturday support sent an email congratulating me on the delivery of box **94, and it was important to connect the box asap.
Again, I can’t connect **94, they sent me **49, I replied immediately with more photographs of the box and the documents, but have had no reply, or acknowledgement that there is actually a mix-up.

I asked on Friday for advice on whether to leave the box connected, or unplug it, as it’s sending data on planes a thousand Km from its registered position, again with no response.

How do I proceed from here, just “Thanks for your mail, we’ll contact you” would suffice.

Some of those emails will be automated ones, e.g. generated when the shipper says delivery has happened, but we haven’t seen the FlightFeeder (the one we thought was sent!) feeding data.

You can contact a human by mailing It is a holiday weekend in both the UK and US this weekend, so it is a skeleton support staff at the moment. It may take a few days to sort out the mixup (especially if you have one of the metal-cased FlightFeeders shipped from Germany, as they dispatched from a 3rd party and so there is another set of people that need to be involved - we rely on their records of what serial number was sent to what address, and sometimes errors happen there)

edit: I took a quick look and they do seem to have been swapped.

OK Thanks, that’s who I’ve been mailing, I wish my long weekends had started a 10 am on Friday morning :smiley:
I’ll just have to be more patient, it’s not their fault lightning trashed everything…



Your edit noted, thanks, so I’m not going senile after all :smiley:

Is it something that can be sorted by remote access, or should I box it up and send it back?

Don’t send it back, support can fix the serial assignments.

Thanks, that’s what I was hoping :smiley: