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SetMaxResultSize gives 500 server error

I am calling the SetMaxResultSize using a SOAP client and it is giving a server error.

My code:

    client = Savon::Client.new do
      wsdl Rails.configuration.flight_aware_url
      basic_auth Rails.configuration.flight_aware_username, Rails.configuration.flight_aware_key
    result = client.call(:set_maximum_result_size, message: {:max_size => 30})

The result:

Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 3266ms (ActiveRecord: 409.0ms)

Savon::SOAPFault ((CLIENT) Update failed):

What is going on?

Has this been working for you previously, or are you running newly written app code? I’m not able to reproduce any 500 errors, but we are investigating another user’s issue which sounds like it might be similar.

I just started using the API last week. The other calls work, but I have never been able to call SetMaximumResultSize.

The problem is that Savon was converting the argument name to be “MaxSize” instead of “max_size”. If you put the argument name in double-quotes, then savon will use the literal capitalizationi/styling that you specify:

result = client.call(:set_maximum_result_size, message: {"max_size" => 30})

Thanks, that fixes the problem