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Calling SetMaximumResultSize

I am trying to query data through the xml webservice. I am doing so through a python get request. Thus, all of my data parameters are going through the url. I would like to know how to set the SetMaximumResultSize function to return more than 15 items at a time. Preferably through the URL but other means may suffice; I am also curious if I can send two methods through 1 request. Maybe I could do this through the header?


The SetMaximumResultSize request modifies the upper bound on the optional howMany parameter used on other requests.

By default this value is set at 15. Additionally, if a howMany parameter is possible, but is not provided, in a request it will default to 15.

So, if a new XML user wants to revive 150 results per request they need to:

  1. Call SetMaximumResultSize with the paramater max_size=150
  2. Make sure to include the parameter howMany=150 on subsequent requests to endpoints like flightInfoEx

Is there a way to send multiple methods in one url string?
Could I call max_size along with FlightInfoEx in the same get request. Would I include this in the URL or in the headers?

Unfortunately no. Only one endpoint can be called per request.