Set Alert is not working.


I am trying to set alert with following parameter,
DateStart =1460572200
Ident = IGO162,
Channels={16 e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled},
Origin = AMD,

It return me “faultCode argument for createFault was passed NULL”.
I didn’t get this.

Let me know if I have missed out anything.


What programming language are you using? Can you provide a portion of the code you are using to invoke the method?

Also, I would strongly recommend passing ICAO airport codes (not IATA) for the Origin and Destination fields.

First time I am trying to register alerts.
Here is my C# code:
FlightXML2 df = new FlightXML2();
df.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(“…”, “…”);
df.PreAuthenticate = true;

int success = df.RegisterAlertEndpoint(@"http://.../Default.aspx", "json/post");
int alertId = df.SetAlert(0, "AFL1862-1464240528-airline-0296", "", "", "", 0, 0, "{16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}", true, 10000);
FlightAlertListing alerts = df.GetAlerts();

The RegisterAlertEndpoint() method returns 1, and SetAlert() returns new number, but GetAlerts raises exception:
{“There is an error in XML document (2, 539).”}
{“The string ‘t’ is not a valid Boolean value.”}

Can you hepl me, where is the mistake(s) ?
And what additional steps I need to get alerts ?

This looks like a problem with C# being particularly strict with the values that our SOAP server returns for boolean values. We can likely have a fix for this in production early next week sometime.

Note that this problem is only affecting the response of the GetAlerts function being parsed by your application. All other aspects of alerting should continue to function without problems.

It will be great and I will wait.

A fix for this boolean issue in GetAlerts has been committed and is scheduled to be deployed next week approximately Wed 00:00 UTC.

Ok, thank you!

It is working!

Good to hear. Thanks for verifying.