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SearchBirdsEyeInFlight for multiple faFlightIDs


I am trying to use the SearchBirdsEyeInFlight for multiple faFlightIDs. My query is the following but obviously the actual faFlightIDs are examples.

{in fp {GARXG-1585234773-adhoc-0 GYOAA-1585236703-adhoc-0 GBBIF-1585231441-adhoc-0 EZE7645-1585064100-schedule-0001 GYRTE-1585235215-adhoc-0 EIN645-1585028773-airline-0270 BAW287-1585028772-airline-0096 FDX36-1585130185-1-1-234 HLE29-1585232492-adhoc-0 HLE66-1585236391-adhoc-0 UNC90-1585232304-adhoc-0 CG913-1585235827-adhoc-0 GRVUK-1585235503-adhoc-0 GRRGN-1585236367-adhoc-0 ECA4C-1585234508-adhoc-0 GCCGF-1585234296-adhoc-0 GUMPY-1585236249-adhoc-0 BAW1334-1585028774-airline-0105 BHL540-1585234382-adhoc-0}}

But I always get this error {“error”:“NO_DATA no data available”}

In my URI I use an escape data string.

Am I doing something wrong here. I assume you can use multiple faFLightIDs with the in parameter?

Thanks for your help


This appears to be a bug inside the API, I’ve passed the details along to our team. At the moment only a single faFlightID can be passed using the “in” operator.


Thanks for the reply. Is there any chance you can update with the outcome when sorted so that I can revert back to the development that I started.

Mant thanks

This has been fixed. Multiple faFlightIDs can be passed using the “in” operator now.

Brilliant. Many thanks for letting me know.