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Sending multiple flightInfoEx idents in one request

Hey my query is listed below:
for flight in UID:
temp = flight

api_url_base = “http://username:apikey@flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/FlightInfoEx?ident=”+temp
response = requests.get(api_url_base, proxies=proxy)
print(“Connection succeeded”)

So , I am looping through a dictionary which hold my idents. Am I charged for each request for a specific ident? Is there a way to send the whole array of ident in one request?

Could I please have a reply! I need to know if sending an array of idents through 1 request is possible so that I can bypass the for loop. If you need clarification do not hesitate to ask.

Yes, each individual authenticated HTTP request sent to FlightXML starts a billable query.

If no howMany is stated then each request will only count as one single billable query.

If a howMany greater than 15 is stated and greater than 15 results are returned then the number of billable queries will be 1 + int(<result_count> / 15).

The Search/SearchBirdseyeInFlight both allow for wildcard or multiple ident searches in a single query for active in-air aircraft.

Hey thanks so much! I am wondering if I am able to send multiple ident searches through the FlightInfoEx method .
Thanks again

Unfortunately, no. FlightInfoEx is only intended to handle one ident (no wildcard characters) per request.

So, if I am correct. I send 10k requests. One ident per request. And, I get charged for 10k separate queries instead of getting charged 1+ int(10k/15) queries.

I am trying to get the Estimated arrival time of all birds belonging to a specified filter. The arrival time that populates in the return request for SearchBirdseyeInFlight is always zero. Is this supposed to be the case? I thought arrival time = estimated arrival time? Is there a better way other than querying SearchBirdseyeInFlight and then sending 10k queries to the FlightInfoEx endpoint? Are search and searchBirdseyeInflight the only two methods that allow for wildcards or multiple ident searches in a single query? Is there a XML3 method that will return the Estimated arrival time for multiple ident searches?

Thanks so much for your insights!

Could I please have a quick confirmation. Thanks!

If using your example case; yes, tht would result in 10k billable queries.

In FligthXML the arrivaltime field is for the actual arrival time. A value of zero indicates the event has not yet occurred.

If your search pattern is primarily for a fleet all operating under the same ICAO identifier then FlightXML3 FleetBoards may be more useful. The result structure in FleetBoards is an array of FlghtInfoStatusStructs that’s defined here. Fields like gate information and block times are considered extended data.

Hey, great thanks! That is exactly what I needed to know!