SearchBirdseyeInFlight example query


Does this example query for SearchBirdseyeInFlight return any results?
{range lat 36.897669 40.897669} {range lon -75.03655 -79.03655}

I am getting a “Server raised fault: ‘no results’” message when I use those parameters.


There may just happen to not be any aircraft currently within the range of the example query.

Try another query string, such as this one for around the Austin, Texas area:

{range lat 28.195000 32.195000} {range lon -99.670000 -95.670000}


Thank you for your reply, the new parameters you provided did return a set of results.

It is possible that there were no aircraft in the region at the time of the query, however I noticed that the new parameters you supplied for Austin, if put together in order, listed the southwest point of the bounding box first and then the northeast point. So I swapped the lon variables and received a set of results back. If I changed it back to the original order I received no results.

This is what I used to get results
{range lat 36.897669 40.897669} {range lon -79.03655 -75.03655}

This ordering may only affect the Python suds client, which is what I’m using. Thanks again for your help on this and for providing such a cool web service.


You’re right. The order of the two longitude values are just swapped. I’ll update the example to show the correct ordering.