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FlightXML2 search/SearchBirdseyeInFlight service

I am looking at the FlightXML2 API to see if it can fullfill the requirements I have for a application I am creating.
The user shall be able to specify an area and then see all in air aircrafts in that area.
In an other discussion I can see that the Search service max. returnes 400 aircrafts, is this still true and is it the same for the SearchBirdseyeInFlight service?
Are there other services I could use instead?

The 400 result context is in reference to the Search endpoint. It doesn’t apply to SearchBirdseyeInFlight.

FlightXML will normally only return a maximum of 150 results per request. Sets of 150 results can be paged through by providing the returned next_offset value as the offset parameter in the next request.

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