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need help with biedseye data

my company bought your birdseye data, and we try to query data for all the flights on each day.
but it seems that we can only track the flights one by one manually.

is there any way we can track all the flights at once?

I would appreciate if you could get back to me at your soonest convenience.


Your user account “yanghuijuan” does not have FlightXML access, so I can’t locate your request history to see what actual queries you’re making and give you more specific advice.

However, SearchBirdseyeInFlight has no limitation that prevents it from returning data for more than one flight at a time. In fact, its primary use-case is to return multiple flights that match your search criteria. Make sure you search expression to SearchBirdseyeInFlight is not excessively restrictive (ie: don’t require an equality match for a single ident).


thank you for your reply.

my company account is zhxl@feeyo.com
could you please check the account for me and tell me what to do to track all the flights?

I think i do not make it clear. I mean, we can receive all the data we want, but we have to select the flights manually. is there any way that we can select all the flights at once?


FlightXML is not really intended to allow bulk download of all information for all flights, due to the volume of flights being operated. It is intended that you make requests for specific flights that you are interested in, or flights matching a narrow criteria.

If you are trying to collect data to be used to summarize statistics or trend information, then you should consider contacting our Custom Reports team to provide a quote on generating the report that you need: flightaware.com/commercial/customreports/

Describe a little more about what your actual functional goal is and we can determine the best way to accomplish it.


you are right, we are trying to collect data. But what we want here is the raw data for each day, not just reports.

so is there anyone i can talk to ?


Can you describe your ultimate purpose for the raw data first? Then I will better know what the best option will be.


thank you so much for your reply.

here is the thing. my firm is also a flight data provider in china. we are able to cover 99.99% flight data in china, and need your birdseye data as our source for flight data worldwide, saving as backup. Unfortunately, we cannot find anyone in your firm to talk to. so we purchased an account and tried to test the birdseye data.

according to my colleagues, they are having trouble in selecting all the flights. i think that is what we need now


You will be receiving a followup by email in the next couple of days to discuss this further. Thanks.