Search for flights by time and location

If we know the location and time of the aircraft during the flight, can we determine the flight number and model of the aircraft? Can we do this search through historical data? How to do this?

I haven’t seen something like this on Flightaware, but Flightradar24 offers a playback function where you can view the map and any location at a specific time.

However i don’t know how far you can go back in time.

Thank you! I’ll try it.
Actually, I thought it was possible for FlightAware staffs to search in historical data, and I’ll pay for it.

Well, maybe using the API, but i am not familiar with it:

AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware

Oh! That’s a good idea. I’ll learn it later.

If I want to find the flights that went over a building on a specific date and time in historical data, how would I do that? Thank you

You can try it by Flightradar24.

I cannot answer that question, i’ve never used it.

What you also could do is installing Virtual Radar Server. can be running on the same device.
This gives you a reporting option where you can check all past flights.

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