Seair DHC-2 Beaver down in the Georgia Strait BC

Seair Seaplanes

Seair Seaplanes Beaver went down in the open water NNE of Victoria - aircraft had reportedly just departed Saturna Island (Lyall Harbour) BC, with the pilot and 5 passengers - including an infant, and was en route to Vancouver Harbour BC.

Aircraft went down just after 4PM local time, two persons have been reported as rescued, condition unknown, search continues.

I wonder what the weather was? the water in the sound is not usually that choppy and land-able if you have an engine failure.

Very sad. Hope they find everybody alive. :cry:

Sadly that is not the case. Aircraft was found around 1AM by Coast Guard divers in 11 metres of water, with 6 bodies.

Search was hampered by zero visibility and ocean currents. A male pilot and a female passenger were rescued within 4 minutes of the crash, and the aircraft had already sunk.

Video and News update from Diamond Pilot blog.

Gusty winds and squalls. Marginal VMC. Check the YYJ WX around the time in question, although there are commonly micro-climates in the islands.

I’m guessing not mechanical. :cry:

Click here for photo history of this 1957 Beaver Mk. 1 C-GTMC, accident aircraft. photo by Andy Graf.

Sad story. This might be the first airplane crash in the Salish Sea.

I’m gonna kinda get off the crash here for a minute. What is that twin jet in the back ground of the pic? And I noticed it had the things on the wing, I forget what they are called, but I think they line out the airflow on the wing or something, but anyway, I don’t think it’s American made???

Fokker F-28 Fellowship the one in the photo is one of 28 ex-Air Canada F-28-1000.

google maps most have been parked at Saskatoon CYXE for afew years!!!

It’s called a stall fence

Kinda like a vortex generator?

Kinda- It keeps airflow over the control surfaces when you get slow

If you’re referring to the structures on the trailing edge of the F28’s wings, those are flap track fairings. They provide for improved aerodynamic flow over the flap tracks/screwjacks while also protecting these components from weather-related contamination.


The F28s were actually operated by Air Canada Jazz.

Research at indicates the F28 shown in the picture above may be C-FCRZ (cn 11061). It was the only one I could find stored at YVR at the time of the picture (4 May 07)

It’s now parked West of the main terminal with a few dings in it.
Just took this photo as we taxied past it.

Did USAir fly 28s in the early 80s? I remember a similar A/C flying out of Philly back then.

Yes. They got them when they merged with Piedmont.

I think Altair flew them out of Philly.

They did. Another northeast operator of F28s was Empire. If I recall correctly, Altair and/or Empire merged into Piedmont.