C-GTCS Piper Malibu Mirage returning from Oregon down in BC

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C-GTCS PA-46-310P registered to New Century Airplane Sales Inc. of Calgary, Alberta. Manufactured in 1987.

Three dead in B.C. plane crash
Last Updated: Saturday, October 27, 2007 | 3:31 PM ET
CBC News

Three people are dead after a small plane crash in British Columbia.

The plane went down just after 7 p.m. MT Friday, after the pilot reported he had lost engine power.

The Piper Malibou, a single engine aircraft, was en route from Salem, Oregon, to Springbank, Alta., just outside Calgary.

Search and Rescue officials said the pilot tried to glide to Fairmont, B.C., but altered course to nearby Invermere. Then they lost contact with the plane.

Satellite systems pinpointed the crash site in a mountain valley.

Captain Aaron Twa, with B.C.'s Rescue Co-ordination Centre, said a Search and Rescue Cormorant helicopter arrived on the scene within 90 minutes.

Three rescue experts were hoisted down into the valley where the Piper was spotted.

“It is a valley adjacent to the Columbia River Valley so it’s a relatively mountainous terrain with mountains into the 8,000 to 9,000 foot range,” Twa said.

The three passengers aboard were all found dead.

Their names and hometowns are not yet being released.

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Photo of a German registered PA-46-310P Malibu

News update, very difficult situation, single engine out over mountain range right after sunset!!!

Father and son among 3 killed in B.C. plane crash
Updated Sat. Oct. 27 2007 9:04 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Engine problems may have been behind a plane crash in British Columbia that killed three people.

Thirty-seven-year-old-David Wood, his father Bill Wood, 63, and another unidentified person were killed when their small plane went down in a rugged area near the Alberta border on Friday evening.

They were on their way home to the Calgary area from Salem, Oregon, after David Wood completed an architecture exam at the University of Oregon.

A search and rescue official reported that the pilot radioed air traffic control just before the crash to report engine failure. At the time, the plane was traveling at 21,000 feet.

Cpt. Arron Twa of the Victoria Joint Rescue Coordination Centre told CTV Newsnet that air traffic control lost contact with the Piper Malibu when it dipped below 13,000 feet. Officials then picked up an emergency locator signal.

Twa said the single engine light aircraft was trying to make it to the town of Fairmont in Southeast B.C.

“When he was unable to make it over the mountain range he altered course for Invermere. However, he was unable to cross the range and air traffic control lost contact with the plane at approximately 13,000 feet in dissent,” said Twa.

The plane crashed about 10 kilometers away from Invermere. Rescue crews on a helicopter and another aircraft were dispatched immediately from Kamloops, B.C. By all indications, the response was extremely swift.

"Search and rescue aircraft arrived on scene approximately an hour and a half after the initial distress call, and a Cormorant helicopter hoisted search and rescue technicians into the area, where unfortunately they located three deceased members on the plane,‘’ Twa said, according to The Canadian Press.

A friend of the Woods told CTV News in Calgary that the father and son were very involved in their community, enjoyed traveling, and loved sports.

On Saturday, David Wood’s sister-in-law sent a message to family, friends, and the public.

“We would like to ask that instead of flowers, that every one of you take this opportunity to call someone you love and tell them so,” said Monica Flohr.

David Wood leaves behind three young sons and his wife, Kathy.

With a report by CTV Calgary