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Scripted Stats

I apologise if this has been asked a gazillion times, but my google foo appears not to be strong.

How do I obtain various stats from the FlightAware instance on my Pi? Specifically I’m looking for dump1090_total_ac_positions, dump1090_total_ac etc, that the web page brings up.

I’ve checked /run/dump1090-fa and /var/log without success, so assuming they’re called something else?

Any help would be appreciated to point me in the direction of these and current flights being tracked.

Kind Regards

You can get stats from the json files generated by dump1090: dump1090/README-json.md at master · flightaware/dump1090 · GitHub

If you are looking at something to log and plot that data, then you could try graphs1090.

You won’t find those exact numbers, they are piaware stats and not available locally i believe.

You checked in /run/dump1090-fa and didn’t find the current flights being tracked?
That’s strange.

You can’t

the Piaware stats are calculated via different parameters not using all data you are sending.
I am also not aware of any script pulling this information from the website itself. Tried it several times using python etc. but wasn’t very successful so far.

I am simply copy&paste them from the stats page from time to time.
As the stats are available for the last 30 days you do not need to do that every day.