stats increasing, but no flights listed

The last few days, sporadically, flights that I am hearing and seeing on my local dump1090 page (mutability 1.14) are not showing up on my stats page. The numbers for total aircraft and position reports are increasing, but no specific flights are appearing. The list is empty.

sudo piaware-status
[sudo] password for brian:
dump1090 is not running.
faup1090 is running.
piaware is running.
dump1090-mutabi is listening for connections on port 30005.
faup1090 is connected to port 30005.
piaware is connected to FlightAware.
dump1090-mutabi is producing data on port 30005.

My log shows that the data just stops, even though piaware-status seems to be fine. A reboot fixes it, but the problem always comes back. Again, the stats continue to increase as if the data is being reported, but the log doesn’t reflect it. Can anyone help?

[2016-03-03 17:36 EST] 23077 msgs recv'd from dump1090-mutabi (1772 in last 5m); 22958 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Receiver status: connected
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Server status: synchronized with 64 nearby receivers
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Receiver: 649.2 msg/s received 12.2kB/s from receiver
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Server: 2.5 kB/s from server 0.0kB/s TCP to server 2.8kB/s UDP to server
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Results: 1145.6 positions/minute
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] mlat(758): Aircraft: 33 of 79 Mode S, 23 of 39 ADS-B used
[2016-03-03 17:41 EST] 24938 msgs recv'd from dump1090-mutabi (1861 in last 5m); 24819 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2016-03-03 17:46 EST] 26921 msgs recv'd from dump1090-mutabi (1983 in last 5m); 26802 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2016-03-03 17:51 EST] 28737 msgs recv'd from dump1090-mutabi (1816 in last 5m); 28618 msgs sent to FlightAware

I’m seeing this exact same behavior. Started noticing this maybe a week ago. I see the problem begin each morning when traffic starts to get busy - the recent flights report seems to stall, but all the rest of the stats appear to stay current. The Pi itself exhibits no problems and my VRS display continues to display all traffic. It’s just the list of recent flights that hangs. The list stayed stuck all day today, but magically started working this evening and its running normally this evening.

Thanks for contributing MW50C3. I am noticing, weirdly, that this behavior seems to occur when I log into my FA, My ADS-B page. For instance I logged in shortly before 0300 here in NYC. The last entry in the dump1090 log was 0255 and there have been no more since. And now as I am writing this at 0327, I am starting to see data moving again on the log, and a few planes listed that I have fed data for. It is as if the act of logging in to your ADS-B stats page somehow hangs communication between your feed and FA for a while. And yet the stats numbers continue to increase even though the log claims there is no data being fed.

This is an overload problem on the FA side where during busy periods data is taking a long time to be processed. (You see increasing stats because that’s stats processing data from some time in the past)

Ah, thank you Oliver. We’ve never exchanged messages, so I will take this chance to add my voice of thanks for your involvement and development! Much appreciated!

This was fixed (hopefully…) on the 5th.