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Screen minimising and no flight tracking screen

Recently I can open the Flightaware app on my iPhone & iPad but the screen immediately minimises. When I maximise the screen it keeps minimising immediately.

Also if I open Flightaware on the iPad or iPhone in Safari, the live tracking screen does not work for an airport. If I open the live tracking screen for a specific flight it works.

Is this happening to anybody else???

If you reinstall the app does that still happen?

I have something similar.

I just updated the flightaware app on my android phone (Sony ST-23 Miro). Now the flight detail screen does display correctly. The page is shown very briefly (blink and you’ll miss it) then the “action” icon from the top right corner (share, track map, etc) are shown centred on the screen. You can see any other details and can’t scroll / resize the screen to see any other info.

Hope this is fixed soon.