Scheduled Times Using FlightInfo


I am working on an application but can not seem to correlate the data for times of scheduled flights.

If I look at the information for the upcoming flight of UAL912 on the FlightAware site departing Feb 1 2013 I get this;

When I use “FlightInfo” I get the following data for the flight;

      public 'ident' => string 'UAL912' (length=6)
      public 'aircrafttype' => string 'B752' (length=4)
      public 'filed_ete' => string '04:54:00' (length=8)
      public 'filed_time' => int 1359749854
      public 'filed_departuretime' => int 1359787200
      public 'filed_airspeed_kts' => int 497
      public 'filed_airspeed_mach' => string '' (length=0)
      public 'filed_altitude' => int 0
      public 'route' => string 'HOLTZ9 TRM TBC RSK ALS MCI SPI VHP ROD DJB JHW J70 LVZ LENDY6' (length=61)
      public 'actualdeparturetime' => int 0
      public 'estimatedarrivaltime' => int 1359805440
      public 'actualarrivaltime' => int 0
      public 'diverted' => string '' (length=0)
      public 'origin' => string 'KLAX' (length=4)
      public 'destination' => string 'KJFK' (length=4)
      public 'originName' => string 'Los Angeles Intl' (length=16)
      public 'originCity' => string 'Los Angeles, CA' (length=15)
      public 'destinationName' => string 'John F Kennedy Intl' (length=19)
      public 'destinationCity' => string 'New York, NY' (length=12)

But when I convert the scheduled departure times and arrival times I get the following;


Departure Time: Friday 2-01-2013 10:40 PM - (PST) / -0800

Arrival Time: Saturday 2-02-2013 06:44 AM - (EST) / -0500

5 Hours, 4 Minutes

The returned data seems to use “Scheduled Departure Time” but the "Scheduled Arrival Time always returns the time that is in green. How do I get the “Scheduled Arrival Time”? It offsets the duration calculation as well, the flightaware site shows 4hrs 54min for this flight and when I use the data returned I get the duration with the extra 10min in it → 5hrs 4min.

Scheduled arrival time is just “filed_departuretime” + “filed_ete” (you will need to convert filed_ete from a string to do this calculation).

Thank You, sometimes it is amazing how easy something is when a fresh set of eyes look at it.

You guys rock!