Saw an aircraft being escorted by 2 jets in NJ


There was just a plane that flew over my house with what looked like two jets escorting it. Is there any reason why that would be happening. I live in Southern New Jersey. I am just wondering why something like that would happen. I haven’t ever seen anything like it before.


Could have been any number of reasons.

One is that the aircraft was being escorted because it was in trouble.

Another reason is that the aircraft had flown into a restricted area and was being escorted out.

With today being Memorial Day, it could have been part of an air display.

Suggestion: Be more descriptive in your topic subject. “Question” as a topic subject doesn’t tell your readers anything. Something like "“Saw an aircraft being escorted by 2 jets in NJ” or “why would a plane be escorted by two jets?” is more descriptive. It may get you someone who knows the definite answer to answer your question.


I will be more discrpitive next time. I just wasn’t sure what it was and I was trying to see if maybe anyone else knew what it could be about. Like I said I haven’t ever seen anything like it.

Though could it have been a plane for someone in the government? I would think they would escort them.

I also just changed the title. Thanks for the help.


If all three aircraft were military jets, it could have been a Missing Man Formation for a Memorial Day activity.


Bobert, I also live in So. Jersey. What airport is closest to you?


That doesn’t happen that often. One of the few times I’ve ever seen it happen was here with Air Force One on 9/11, but of course the escort on that day was due to extraordinary circumstances.


Could have been a tanker refuelling other aircraft. Shortly after 9/11 I frequently saw planes being escorted and fighters on patrol.