runway finder is back

They have a statement on the website.

“RunwayFinder is back on the air! Thanks to your overwhelming support and some great communication sat down with FlightPrep and FlightPrep agreed to dismiss the lawsuit! The exact details of the settlement license are convidential. RunwayFinder doees not ask for or support any further boycott of FlightPrep, its services, products, or owners. This is a big win for RunwayFinder and the pilots who depend on its services! We’re back and lawsuit free, come check out Again, thanks you for all of your support.”

I wonder what happened… I wonder if the EFF’s involvement got FlightPrep to backdown.

FlightPrep’s site also has a statement regarding the matter:

FlightPrep and RunwayFinder settle patent lawsuit
FlightPrep is pleased to announce that the lawsuit against RunwayFinder has been settled and the RunwayFinder website is once again available for pilots to use. While the details of the settlement and license are confidential, they are both fair and sustainable for the long term success of both companies. FlightPrep would like to thank our loyal customers for their support through this matter. We would also like to invite those that are not familiar with our products to check them out at or give our staff a call at (503) 678-4360 with any questions regarding our company or products.

F*** 'em - I’ll never willingly use their products or services!

And unfortunately, each side is going to spin it towards their advantage, to make them seem like the good guys (don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely in RunwayFinder’s corner for this!); case in point, FlightPrep.

However… it kinda concerns me that FlightPrep’s patents are now on the maps at RunwayFinder… I wonder if the EFF didn’t jump in, and runwayFinder caved in to FlightPrep and the USPTO.