Litiguous Approach to Flight Plan Patent Rights


:angry: I believe your approach to bullying other Flight Plan sources into shutting their electronic doors is a) Reprehensible, b) VERY bad for your business and c) Not Legally supportable.

I for one will withold my future business and it seems many others will as well. Your claims regarding $/day lost due to other flight plan source activity is ludicrous. I have generally used your flight planner al;ong with others all on same flight because I believed they wr=ere complimentary and provided different services, none complete in themselves.

You should re-think your strategy here. It is a very bad business decision


Are you sure it’s flight aware and not flight prep who is discussed in this thread … hp?t=12499


maxgivan I think you’ve mistaken us (FlightAware) for FlightPrep.

We were also a target of the FlightPrep patent, and released a statement on the issue.


Good prayer, wrong Church.

You want to send this to and complain to them.

But, never mind, you can’t do that because they erase all negative comments from their user Forum and their Facebook and Myspace pages.


Maybe I’m reading it wrong but I took maxgivan’s post as an open letter to flightprep.


Yeah, I think you’re reading it wrong.

Definitely (mistakenly) directed toward FlightAware. If it were an open letter directed toward that patent-trolling company, it would’ve/should’ve started with “Dear FlightPrep,”.

What’s sad is that he will probably never return to this this page to learn of his mistake, and go on to purchase software from FlightPrep :cry: