RTL1090 + FC0012

I also bought a bad stick with FC0012 tuner.
I noticed when debugging that you have to start the tuner only on another frequency then you can synonymous switch to 1090Mhz.

This was tested under SDR # and I was able to “see” the ADSB data there.

I just do not know how I can use this knowledge in practice for a workaround.

As per info found online, the Fitipower FC0012 frequency coverage is from: 22 - 948.6 MHz.

It may be receiving ‘data’ on 1090, but looks like it’s unsupported.

Agreed with @Dxista. Fitipower FC0012 and FC0013 Tuner Chips fail for ADSB.

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Post this information and question in other Radar forums also, such as Radarspotters and Flightradar24. May be some one can help.