RTL dongle heatsinks

Found these aluminum heatsinks on Amazon. 20 for $6, free shipping. Testing naked RTL board with them. Also took the Sweet case off the RPi but left the heatsinks, dropped it’s temp 6 degrees C.

How does the RPI1 handle the load. I just saw an announcement for the RPI3. seems to only add built in WIFI and bluetooth.
I saw one in Texas on a 40’ tower that went to 100% CPU as soon as he put it up on the tower.
(I have the earlier model with only 256MB RAM. It is not used for piaware, just to play with).

I will be doing POE soon too. It looks like you plug the power straight into the GPIO pins(not via the USB port).
(I can’t see the USB power port so can’t be 100% sure).

I have used similar heatsinks on one or two dongles, in the larger nooelec aluminium cases.
I have also tested the new RTL-SDR metal case dongles. I jest checked the three in the basement and none of them feel warm to the touch.

The GPIO tap is to power the LNA. RPi power comes from the mini USB port as usual.