Raspberry Pi 3 to have wi-fi and Bluetooth built in


Nice for Stratux use but generally not much use for me.
blu-tooth would be nice for KB and mouse but I generally run headless.

I use wired ethernet where ever possible.

I would like a little better USB and ethernet(not USB ethernet)
Faster/better CPU would also be nice.

Another post suggests a faster CPU 1.2Ghz 64bit CPU (likely Cortex A53)
cnx-software.com/2016/02/27/ … nectivity/

Available from Pi Hut


The odroid c-2 is due march 2016 , great specs for adsb users it seems .
Faster processor , double the ram of the pi3, similar price point.
I may take a punt and buy one.
I suppose it’s a choice between having much improved processing power on the c-2 and built-in WiFi on the pi3.

I just ordered 3.

raspberrypi.org/blog/raspbe … 3-on-sale/

A 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU (~10x the performance of Raspberry Pi 1)
Integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1
900mhz Memory, up from 450mhz. Gpu up to 400mhz from 250mhz.
0.7 Amp extra power capacity. 2.5 amps, up from 1.8.

Edit mistook speaker plug for power plug.

Happy 4th birthday to the RPI team.

Where? I’m not seeing anything new for power. Just a micro USB.

My mistake. I have updated my post.

And where is the WiFi antenna? I assume the antenna, itself, is built-in? There’s got to be a trace on that board somewhere, but I’m not seeing it. Or is it via an IO pin?

It uses a tiny ceramic chip antenna instead of the usual wire trace, I assume to save pcb space. makezine.com/2016/02/28/meet-the … erry-pi-3/

I’m curious if the 64-bit architecture will be of any significance to PiAware receivers, especially since the Pi is still below the 4-Gb RAM line.

Here’s how the Pi 3’s hardware stacks up against that of the C2:

----------------- **Raspberry Pi 3 **------------------------------------ HardKernel ODROID-C2
Price: --------- US$ 45.73 (Click here - Pi Hut eBay) ------------ US$ 40 (Click here to see detailed specs & Pre-Order)
Processor: — ARM Cortex-A53 1.2GHz quad-core -------------- ARM Cortex-A53 2GHz quad-core
Memory: ----- 1GB LPDDR2 ----------------------------------------- 2GB DDR3 SDRAM
Networking: - 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 -------------- 10/100 Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet

Other specifications for the C2 are more in line with the Pi 3, with a similar number of USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI connector for video/audio.

Since the original release of the first Raspberry Pi, there has been an explosion in micro, single-board computers, and this has really helped kick-start a new indie development movement over the past few years. However, while the C2 and others have offered competition, the Pi is still the most recognizable offering, and the lack of a strong community pushing development forward may mean that the C2 does not become as popular as it might otherwise.

Source: digitaltrends.com/computing/ … pberry-pi/

Interesting price comparison.

In the UK today, the Pi3 is £29-99 (lilliputdirect.com/hardkernel-odroid-c2-board).

Not sure the Odroid is worth the 50% extra for UK residents.

I only paid $US35 each for mine.

Quote from ODROID official site:

*An additional MicroSD card or an eMMC module is required to install the OS. We recommend the eMMC module as it has much higher performance than standard MicroSD cards.

You don’t need an eMMC if you don’t want the extra expense although it does have better performance. A standard micro SD card works fine.

What I understand from their writeup that it requires 2 cards, either 2 x microSD or 1 x microSD + 1 x eMMC.

RPi 3 requires only one card.

Don’t go by the US$45.00+ you see price gougers selling the things for on eBay and Amazon. They are going for US$35.00 from reputable dealers linked on the Raspberry Pi site. Kind of like the RPi zero they are defiantly to be had at MSRP. I can take a drive to the east side of Cleveland, Ohio and pick up a Raspberry Pi Zero right now for US$5.00. They are out there just look around before giving extra money to someone taking advantage folks by selling things for much more than they are worth.

As for eMMC vs. SD vs. SSD I gave up on flash storage for old school HDD platters for my RPi in December and never looked back.
(I would bet my WD Element which ran 24/7 on my Xbox One for a year straight before being switched to ADS-B duty outlasts any flash drive many times over.)


Both sites I ordered from today only charged $US35.

No, you need either eMMC OR SD. I run an Odroid C1 and an Odroid C1+ and the perform very well with a Class10 MicroSD.

Got mine.

Ordered yesterday (pollin.de), delivered 5 minutes ago …