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RPi not live, but still tracking planes on map

Is anyone having issues with not showing there Pi not being live?

Mine says last seen 50 minutes ago. But if I click on the view live I get the map with A/C moving.

SSH into the PI and I can do view1090 and see a/c data also.

OK. Same length of time here. I’m away from my pi to SSH into it. But I can view my map and I am tracking planes. And my stats did go up since it showed offline

Same here. The website says “last seen” about an hour ago but when I go to the map on the RPi I’m seeing several planes life. :frowning:

Everything is working except the program that updates real-time data on the stats page…we’re working on it now.

Thanks for the update. Awesome support. Thanks Flightaware. Keep up the good work and support.

Thanks for the update!

Fixed and catching up now.

I see that. Thanks again. :smiley:

My status page shows:
Last Seen: Today - about an hour ago
and under the flight list
No flights found.

Is it just me?

Same here. I’m still tracking planes on the map.

Same for me. This happened yesterday as well.

Yes, same here.
Dump1090 (and the feed to FR24) are okay. The Piaware log shows that the upload is active:

01/03/2015 12:51:25 93221 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (424 in last 5m); 93092 msgs sent to FlightAware

Stats glitch…on it!

I was showing last seen as 30 mins earlier.
Just checked; last seen now is 3 mins. :smiley:

All appears to be back to normal now. Thanks.