Royal Logo

Opps :exclamation: Have to answer Flygirl about the LOGO. It is from My FBO here at Falcon, I sold out in 2003 and lightened up on business and employees.I kept the website. So my former customers and friends could stay in contact.
If you google “bob reid Warbirds” it will give a little 411 on our previous life and exploits. If your’e interested…otherwise laugh it off.
Bob :slight_smile:

Not at all a laughing matter, but a very interesting bit of background info.

Of course this conversation was the third listing! :laughing:

Thanks :slight_smile: ,
I have been very lucky and had a fun ride…

The ride ain’t over yet Bob!

I know that I haven’t finished raising my allotted portion of Hell yet, you probably haven’t either.

you are correct! i have test fly that 690 next week…
BTW… I note my last post on the commander speeds was locked and cut off…did I do something wrong?
bob :open_mouth: