Routefinder timeframe..


Is there any way to expand the timeframe used in routefinder?



Not currently – the concern is that the older the data, the less useful it is. What’s your situation?


I’m flying a piston single. Some routes I am interested in may have not been flown IFR in a similar aircraft in the last 48 hours (that seems to be the current timeframe). I usually find plenty of routes for turbine aircraft, but that is not me unfortunately!

Older data, while perhaps less valid, is better than nothing. As long as the requestor is aware of the age, that’s probably fair warning.



I concur about expanding the routefinder database.

When it was available, I would use the database at Red1Aviation to build city pair flight routes for an airline. However, with the out of service aspect that red1 is going thru, I would also support the ability to see, say the previous 30 days data, on routes used by aircraft within a given city pair.