Show data of older flights, too

Hello, first off I want to compliment you on your website. Excellent job! :slight_smile:

After registering, I typed in my tail ID to see all of my IFR flights from the last 90 days. I think it would be a slick feature to allow the user to click on the date of an older flight and be able to see that flight’s data in the presentation you use for the most recent flight.

In other words, I would like to be able to see route information, groundspeed, altitude, etc. for older flights, too. This might allow me to recall a filed route I used previously, in the event that I forgot what I filed for that earlier flight.

Something like this:

Keep up the great work!



It’s all saved and definitely it’s possible, so I’ll add it to the list. It had been considered before but I think the concensus was that the historical data listed was sufficient for past flights but if there’s interest in comparing filed to actual, etc, it’s probably worth doing.

It would be nice when you get a chance to enable us to see full details for all flights, not just the current/last