Route on short flights


I used flightaware a while ago and used it to find airline routes to plan my flight sim flights. I can still see routes for long flights say Amsterdam to USA but short flights does not show the routes anymore. This was really usefull to fly flights the real airlines fly. Am I missing something or is this feature no longer here? Also can I use the flight planner in here to plan a flight for flight sim or is it actually filling a flight for real?

Thanks in advance for some answers.


I’m not sure what you’re looking at or NOT seeing, but all IFR flight plans have routes listed, even if it’s a short 10 minute flight.

ORD-MKE is 20 minutes

flight plan is KORD - OBK - KMKE … /KORD/KMKE

It’s for actually filing real flights.

Sorry about the spelling mistake!

It is for within Europe, eg AMS-EDI or EHAM-EGPH that it is not showing. Any flight within Europe is what I am missing. Long flights to USA seem fine and all flights within USA as well. I am sure about 6 months back the flights within Europe the route was shown as well but not anymore.


We don’t have any route data for intra-European flights.

I am sure it was shown in the past as I used the route to plan my flights. Just wondering why it is no longer there.

Thanks for the reply