Route Decoding errors


I hope this isn’t a stupid question as I’ve tried searching these forums for an answer before posting this.

I’ve been looking at a lot of route info lately for flights originating/arriving in Albuquerque. Many of them when you click the “decode” button on the route info gives “unable to decode route” error.

The routes usually are the Albuquerque departure procedure name, a mid-flight navaid name or a Jxxx airway number, and the arrival airport procedure. Considering there are waypoints on the route, I don’t understand why there are problems decoding the route down to the waypoint detail.

Is the fact many routes are usually quite simple because they are short flights the reason why many routes are not able to be decoded into finer detail?


Can you provide examples?


Here are three examples that when you hit the “decode” button on the flight detail, you get a “error decoding route” message" … /KABQ/KPHX

This is one of several ABQ to PHX flights that use the LARGO2 ZUN EAGUL4 SLIDR EAGUL4 flight plan. … /KABQ/KDEN

This is one of several ABQ to DEN flights with the flight plan ABQ2 ALS LARKS6 … /KABQ/KELP

This is one of several ABQ to ELP flights with the flight plan ONM TCS J13 RUTER J86

Update: Looking at the reverse of the Phoenix one (PHX to ABQ), the route info works on the flight I selected so the route decoding issue may only affect some or all flights originating from ABQ.


Our route parsing code is very particular; it provides no leeway from the way the navigation data is published.

EAGUL4 is not a valid STAR at this time; EAGUL3 is currently valid.

ALS is not a published transition for ABQ2; ABQ is the only published transition.

The route fails to specify an exit point from J86.


I see EAGUL4 on the FAA aeronav procedure charts site is listed as a STAR RNAV procedure.

ABQ2 is listed on the FAA aeronav procedure charts site site as a DP procedure.

Does that mean RNAV procedures (in the case of EAGUL4) or some DP procedures such as ABQ2 are not in flightaware’s procedure database even though they exist and thus why they can’t be decoded?

I can understand the decoding error reason for the third example because KELP isn’t listed as the exit point from J86.



What’s the effective date on the chart? I suspect it’s the upcoming 3/10 cycle since EAGUL3 is currently valid.

ABQ2 is a published DP; the ALS transition is not published in the AIS/NASR data.

We have all currently valid charts (DP, STAR, RNAV, IAP, etc) in our database.


I used this link at the FAA site for procedures: … 03-10-2011

I drilled down to the Sky Harbor airport procedures and EAGUL4 is there even using a Feb 10th 2011 effective date procedure chart FWIW, I oddly can’t find EAGUL3 listed among the procedures.