Failed to decode route, no data available

Tried to enter the flight identification in your Java script program as
SG197 / AIC506 / IGO2297. Giving error Failed to decode route: no data available… We reused the sample code and replaced valid username and api key.
Also, tried using ICAO codes, but no success. Do we need to call any other API for Indian Flights?

India is outside of our primary coverage area. FlightAware does not receive flight navigation route strings (navaids, intersections, jetways, airways, etc) from the India air traffic control, nor do we have the navaid databases to decode them at this time.

DecodeFlightRoute is currently only intended to be used on flights within the contiguous United States, and that limitation does not apply to most other FlightXML functions.

Please be aware that we do not recommend use of browser-side Javascript for directly invoking FlightXML. You should instead be making server-side requests against our API and then returning it from your webserver. The jQuery example is just a proof-of-concept for prototype/development purposes only.