Flight Route Decoding for non-US Flights

I’m attempting to use the FlightAware XML API via the SOAP protocol to decode flight routes for international flights, and I’m running into the following limitation as documented on the API WSDL page:

Not all flight routes can be successfully decoded by this function, particularly if the flight is not entirely within the continental U.S. airspace, since this function only has access to navaids within that area.

How does FlightAware draw the planned route as displayed on the live flight tracking page for international flights? Is there a method that’s available through the FlightAware XML API that I can use to obtain those same waypoints (preferably lat/lon) that are used to draw the planned flight route for international flights?

The easiest for you to implement would be if DecodeRoute fails, then you can assume a great-circle arc from the origin to destination.

Keep in mind that the FlightAware website does not internally use FlightXML for its presentation, so not everything done by our website can be done through just FlightXML.