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Round the world - pole to pole - QQE011

The round the world record attempt flight, flying from Florida, via the North Pole and South Pole, and back to Florida is underway:

Leg 1:

Leg 2:

Leg 3:

Leg 4:

This is one of those occasions, especially on leg 3, where additional ADS-B data from the Aireon space-based ADS-B receivers would have been very useful.

Official livestream coverage on YouTube:

Additional livestream coverage:


It’s a shame that there is no ADS-B Aireon data on that flight :(.

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One additional plot derived from the space-based ADS-B receivers perhaps once every hour would have provided a much more accurate track, especially on Leg 3.

On the weekly flight track summary map the entire track for QQE011 can be seen. Click on the β€œAireon space-based ADS-B (ONLY)” option.

Zoom right in to see the track, especially from Mauritius (FIMP/MRU) to the South Pole and from the South Pole to Punta Arenas (SCCI/PUQ). Both parts of this track run exactly north-south as expected for a flight that passed directly over the south pole.