Retrieving Info for a Dropped Track


Is it possible to retrieve the complete track and tracking log for an older flight (still listed on the history page) whose data was missing at the time of the flight? It was one of those flights whose track ended mysteriously mid way thru the flight.

This is one of them:



We don’t have them all reprocessed yet. I can send you a copy of the raw data if you’re really interested in that flight.


So, there is going to be a time when the track log & info will show up normally? the flight might get so old that it drops off the history page. I was interested in MEP634 and MEP831 because I was on those flights and took some pictures.


The deep link to the flight should work, even when the flight is no longer visible in the activity log. You can wait for the reprocessing to finish and it will appear normally.


Boeing 717-200 / DC-9 / MD-95 (twin-jet)

Wow! All those aircraft in one??? Must be a real looker!