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What is wrong with FA? :frowning:

Why can’t this site record the track log until it drops instead of binning the whole log. When listening to archive feeds from places such as liveatc it is really helpful to use the tracklog to find the aircraft on the feed without having to listen to the whole thing second by second. Many live tracks record a track log but as soon as the flight lands FA deletes the entire track log. What is the reason for this? I can’t see why there would be any security issue if it’s available live. Why are you deleting them all? :angry:

Picking flights at random and going back as far as I can, I see full track logs. Here’s a couple: … E/tracklog … F/tracklog

Try ones across water or out of US airspace. Up until recently the track log would continue to the point where it changed into the next control area and then no more reports would show in the track log, but now they are binned altogether. A prime example is eastbound stuff across the NAT. Before the track log would end at 30W (or 40W if going into Maria’s territory) but now all you get is “no history”.

Also, there is a vastly increased number of errors appearing where no live track appears at all because FA is processing the data incorrectly. For example VPBCM currently enroute across the Pond from Bermuda and I confirmed such on VHF and HF but the flight shows as having landed 10 mins before it took off. WTF is that all about? Loads of these happening recently and it’s not specific to flights out of FAA territory either.

I can pull up plenty of working, historical tracks over water. You’ll have to provide examples.

You mean like … C/tracklog

All of the AAL1937 flights for a start…

The flight for 29 Apr is an example of how it should be - tracking all the way down the sea until it leaves Miami control into San Juan control where the track drops.