I would like to request an additional feature for for the weather portion of the website. I believe it would be a great feature to have an option that allows a user to input a specific ceiling and visibility for an airport and have the option to contact the user via text and/or email when the weather improves at or above the input data. Also, it would be nice to know if the weather dropped below a specific ceiling/visibility.

For example: I would like to know when the ceiling is at/above 200’ and visibility at/above 1/4 mile for Atlantic City International (KACY). I could input all data along with a way to respond (text/email).

I’m a Coast Guard helicopter pilot who depends on accurate and up to date weather and use your site along with others to help in making go / no-go decisions to prosecute a search and rescue case. I believe the addition of ceiling/visibility weather alerts would greatly assist GA, commercial and military pilots in monitoring weather.



Thanks for the suggestion. We’re thinking about ways to improve the mobile weather services in the future and I’ll put that on a the list.


Thank you for the quick response and look forward to future improvements.