Reply and voting in Squawk refreshes page?

Something seems to have changed in squawk behavior. Previously, when replying to a post by clicking on reply, a window opened immediately below the comment and the cursor was positioned there. When voting, the result was immediate as well. When opening a squawk, any new comments were highlighted with ‘new’. Replying to a comment did nothing to reset the ‘new’ flags.
Now the entire unread post is highlighted. That is a change. The problem now is that if you click reply, the page refreshes, the ‘new’ flags are reset, and two comment windows open, one at the top of the list and the other under the comment for which the reply is intended. The cursor is placed in the window at the top. This appears to result in replies frequently posted as new comments incorrectly and leads to confusion and difficulty following the threads. Voting results in the page refresh and resetting of ‘new’ flags. Is this a bug or an inadvertent ‘new feature’?