IPhone 5 Bug in Squawks when newest post button is pressed.

I am having an issue with the Newest button in the Squawks posts. When I click on an existing squawk and then I click Newest to check the most recent posts it automatically moves me to the comment box. It’s never done this before and it does it every time. I am using an iPhone 5 with the most current software. The phone doesn’t seem to have any other issues so I was wondering if this was an FA Bug.

I am assuming you are referring to the sort order of the comments when you are saying “Newest”?

Yes. When I press the Newest link it immediately moves me to the comment box and does not place the comments in a chronological order

I experienced the same thing. I will notify our developers to have them look into the issue. It is also appearing on the main site, so it is not an issue with your phone.

This has been fixed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.