Replaced flightaware pro with pro plus. Problem


So I changed out my orange FlightAware Pro stick for a new FlightAware Pro Stick Plus.

Now I don’t have a signal and I felt an error “problem fetching data from dump 1090”

What did I do wrong?

I unplugged it and plugged it back in and still no luck


Just put the Pro Stick back in and it works…

Could the Pro Stick Plus be bad?


Check your power supply.


It worked before and after I changed the stick.

Can’t be that. I checked when the plus stick was installed and the wireless was working


No, seriously, check your power supply. The prostick plus is a little more power hungry and there have been perhaps half a dozen reports of “bad” prosticks recently that were fixed by replacing the power supply. Failing to talk to the dongle entirely is a symptom of this.


Hmmmm. How do I do that? The light on the raspberry comes on.

What do I have to do to check the power supply?


If you have another power supply, preferably higher in capacity than the current one, try it and see if the problem goes away.


You already restarted the Pi and waited a few minutes, right? The new stick won’t automatically be recognized and start feeding data by just hot plug-replacing it with another unit. A reboot is the best way to restart all the dependent services and get it to use the new hardware.


Hmmm. I was building a new Pi and I got the new stick for it and i was going to see if the new stick was better than the old stick hence the change.

Well it works on the new Pi… Guess I could change the power supply and put it on the old pi…

Yes I unplugged the Pi when I changed it.