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FlightAware Pro Stick hardware error?


Been running two systems side by side for antenna/configuration comparisons and have recently noticed gaps in the charts for one system, and syslog messages of:
dump1090-fa[5206]: Tue Jul 7 18:05:17 2020 PDT No data received from the SDR for a long time, it may have wedged

multiple times during the day, then it just ‘goes away’ and runs fine awhile. Would this be indicating a problem with the FlightAware Pro Stick that is hardware related? The two systems are as ‘identical’ in build as I can get them (PiZero-W, running Raspbian Buster, PiAware 3.8.1 from add-on package) as well as hardware layout. The other system has never seen these errors.

(I just noticed the Solved problematic FA pro plus stick discussion, so maybe its the same capacitor issue…)


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Usually this will be a power issue. If it’s intermittent it’s unlikely to be a failed capacitor.


Thanks! I’ll try a power supply swap first.

Just a follow up…
Thanks again for the pointer! Swapping out power supplies for the system seems to have cleared it up.

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