Remove old Pi Aware device


How do i delete an old Pi Aware from my account? Also how do i set up MLAT on my PI?




For Beginners - How-to Remove Unused Site from Your Account



To be fair, offhand I did not find anything on this subject on these pages, at one point FA actually directs people to the forum if they have questions.

The FAQ are quite useful, though. Not sure, maybe some content has been added there, inspired from forum questions?


Ok, probably not the best page to link (only two mlat references)
This page Sec 5.2, is more explicit.

The question regarding deleting an old site, is asked in the forum every week.


That is why I created this “how-to” sometimes ago. I answer the question regarding deleting old site by simply posting the link to this how-to.


Well, work in retail, where you get asked the same questions over and over again each day, so it does not bother me particularly :wink: