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Remote Reset Capability

Would it be possible to add functionality (to the website?) to do a remote reset on the pi? I hope I am describing it properly. ie: say you were away from the station and the setup encountered a problem and you wanted to perform a pi restart.

It is already there:

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Gadzooks ! Would you be so kind as to give more of the path to that…

On your stats page (https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/verdi) click on the white-on-grey gear icon on the right hand side

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Thank you kindly ! All kinds of goodies hidden in plain sight

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I am sorry, i thought you know the settings page which is located “behind” the gear on your stats page.

I appreciate you pointing the reset / restart capability out to me. I am new to this and haven’t had the time to paw around on the various screens as of yet…

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That’s what a discussion board is supposed for

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What’s wrong? I use OrangePI IMG_20200611_001104|666x500

Nothing is wrong; your local piaware config has remote commands disabled. If you want to enable remote commands, change the allow-manual-updates setting.

Thank you for answer. Where can I find the settings? I know little about the Linux system.

See the end of step 2 at https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/install

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