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Remote installation via point-to-point connection

I happen to live in the bottom part of a small valley which is bad for ADS-B reception. The good thing is, my neighbour has a barn almost on top of the ridge and I would have direct line of sight to it (250 m distance). So the idea is to move my site to this barn in order to get better reception. However I would need a way to transfer the data to my house. A 3g modem is not an option since it is very expensive here.

So what’s the best way to establish a point-to point connection for this distance and bandwidth (~3 kb/s)? It should be weather-proof, stork-proof and affordable.

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Wifi with directional antennas should do this easily.
Using the 5Ghz frequencies would reduce the impact of the more commonly used 2.4Ghz wifi.

Check eBay for used outdoor wifi setups. You could probably just add a directly setup to the barn and leave the home site alone.
If you wanted to stay with 2.4Ghz wifi then you can also just throttle back to 1 or so Mb/s and use channel 1 or 11. This will reduce interference from neighbouring wifi system.

Does the barn have power or are you going to use solar/wind/water to power it?


I have this setup using an outdoor AP at the house and solar+battery 860m link.
My hardware:

  • Dual band outdoor AP (WL-WN570HA1)
  • TP-link router (TL-WR743ND) This was EoL when I bought it so it was very cheap. It is convenient because it runs on 5V (internally it runs on 3.3V)

In place of the TPlink’s omni, I use an outdoor 14 element yagi.
The Wavlink retains its two omni’s.

The result is a solid link.