Hardware request question



I submitted a request for the ADS-B hardware but I have a question… On the request I said my location was obstructed but what is considered obstructed? I have a couple tower poplar trees on my lot (tall skinny trees for those who don’t know) and the house across the street has a couple big trees that I’m guessing will block the lower altitude traffic to the south. I am 10 miles north of the airport but my house has a higher elevation than the airport so should be able to catch the southern approaches to the airport.

Also the airport I’m near is listed as one that a site is needed at (Calgary - CYYC) so I was wondering if there is an estimated time that it will take? (if I qualify)

One final question… Can the receiver use wifi? or some sort of wifi adapter? I can get a cable to the location I was thinking of using but it would be a LOT easier to use a wifi connection.



If the aerial is mounted above roofline that should provide acceptable data from aiplanes up to 250 miles radius depending on topography.