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RegisterAlertEndpoint / SetAlert Service Testing

Is there a way that I can have a “test” alert message sent to an endpoint that I set up using the “RegisterAlertEndpoint” service?



I’ve sent you an email about how to do this.

Can you also please email me the example

Hi, you sent an example code to a user dschmoldt about the following question:

Is there a way that I can have a “test” alert message sent to an endpoint that I set up using the “RegisterAlertEndpoint” service?

I’m working with the Flightaware API so I’m requiering this example code too.

Thank you for your help.

Can I also get the instructions for sending some test pushes. Trying to debug an error… and it’s not going well.


Maybe this could be documented somewhere standard so we can all run tests.

We’ve just made available this new page for you to send yourself test messages and view the delivery status of recent attempts.


Let me know if it works for you.

We’re working with the FlightAware API and need to use the push notification feature. Please send us this example code when you have a chance.

We do not have any sample code for push notifications, since this type of integration tends to vary significantly between each customer. If you have any specific questions or problems during your implementation then I can answer those concerns.

Hi can you email me with the same configuration process?
thanks in advance

This process is now documented on the FlightXML2 documentation page, but I’ll repeat it here for your convenience. To manually generate sample messages to be sent to your endpoint just visit this page:

Can you also please email me the example


The URL to the testing utility is mentioned in my prior post: flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/send.rvt

I am new to FlightAware Aero and I am trying to test the PUSH Alert. I coded up a test program and did the RegisterAlertEndPoint and added multiple alerts on our planes. I did a GetAlert() and all of the alerts are out there. I went to the test alert page to make sure the PUSH would work and the site says there is no endpoint registered.

When I call RegisterAlertEndPoint(), it returned a 1 for success.

What am I missing?


Im going to assume you have resolved this. I see a change in endpoint to an https:// url from an http:// url and you have been in discussion with someone from our team.

We got the Push of Alerts working a couple of weeks ago. I sent a note to Alex Carrilo last week concerning getting data for in flight planes and want to know what the correct method is. (See note below).

I never got a response from Alex or his team. I use the Search method call and was able to get the information, but was wondering why none of the other three methods would work. I am assuming they are more preferred than using Search.