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How to use the method RegisterAlertEndpoint from FlightAware

My idea is to receive the push messages sent by flightaware server without send a request messages, just to create a listener client for the flightaware server. I expect explain myself pretty well.

In this link there is a discussion about, but the persons involved on it, do not reply my question really.


If some of you know about this or have any code to share, would be a great help for me.


You just need to create a webpage on your own public server that will accept a HTTP POST request made from our server. For development purposes, it’s easiest to just start out with a simple page that saves everything posted to it to a disk file.

Once you have that simple page created, use the RegisterAlertEndpoint to tell FlightAware the URL of that page.

Then you can use SetAlert to specify a flight to receive notifications for.

When the flight occurs, your webpage will receive the HTTP POST for the event and you can incrementally modify your webpage to begin parsing the JSON and doing whatever functionality you want with it.