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Reduced reception?

Just (from june 16) started to receive ADSB with the flight stick pro plus and a Raspberry Pi 4 (2Gb)
Recently reduced number of reported aircrafts and positions.
June 24, 493 aircrafts and last week average of 93 - 193 aircrafts…
Using a simple discone (my house is in between big apartments buildings (will be replaced by a dedicated ADSB antenna coming’ week)

Only me in EHAM area dealing with reduced aircrafts reporting?

Did you check the other receivers which are in your neighborhood? You can see them in your profile.

If they do not have this decrease, you might have an issue with your installation. There are several reasons causing this, like faulty power supply, faulty stick, broken cabling etc.

Two of your local sites are showing consistent reports, while two are showing a significant increase.
It looks like you do have a problem, so swapping any parts you can is the easiest diagnostic approach.

Thanks for the advice.
I will swap antenna and re-install piaware this week.

Start with the PSU. Apart from being the easiest, it’s also the most common point of failure.
A ‘soft’ PSU (still working, but low output) can be hard to detect, but a often results in a drop in performance.

Although the PSU was brand new (official raspberry Pi4) I swapped the psu
I also installed the ‘gain adjustment’ tool.
The yesterday counts show a much better result. The highest since I’ve started.
So far so good.

However, today the counts dropped again (compared to sites close to me).
I switched off the Pi. Waited for a few minutes and reboot.
My VirtualRadar server (installed on the same Pi) gave some errors.
Shutdown again, checked the config with rasp-config. Boot again
Counts seems to be okay now.
Maybe my setup on the pi causes problemen:
PiAware 3.8.1
Chromium gui
VirtualRadarserver (mono)
VNC server

Still planning to change the antenna (from a discone to a dedicated ADSB)