Recent Changes

Noticed that when links are posted they are blue and underlined automatically now, nice touch.

Also changed the color of clickable links to blue on all pages, very nice.

Anything else I missed?

All the “blues” are a lighter blue now too

Ahhh, so it’s not just me.

No, it’s not just you, Johnny.

It was an unintentional side effect of another change, but I like it.

Man, Frank… You’re in bad shape… :open_mouth:

Yea, but the chicks want me and I don’t know why.

Man. You would think that poor guy would have him enough money to by him some real clothes… :astonished:


Yeah really, looks like he got dressed during a blackout, or Stevie Wonder is his valet. Somehow he pulls it off, as evidence see the slug trail that follows him around the globe.

He can only get away with it since Pirates of the Caribbean came out… :unamused:

the sad thing is he paid more for what he’s wearing then the cost of my entire wardrobe!

And mine and maybe Beech’s… I’m not sure about David’s…?

:laughing: I shop at Walmart… :open_mouth:

Blue Jeans: Baskin’s

T-shirt: Walmart…

That’s all I need… :smiley: