Real Time Flight Info Price

Does anyone have info on “Real Time” flight graphics/info?

The Commercial version information doesnt specify if real time feature is included. Real Time is required so that I can relate aircraft postion to effects of radio propagation exeperiments I am doing.

Has anyone any comments on ADS-B radar box recievers and how well they work?


From the FlightAware FAQs:

**How live is FlightAware’s tracking and status data? **

The data displayed on is typically five minutes delayed from real time. You can contact us if you have a commercial need for real-time data.

The “contact us” link will provide a phone number, links to email addresses and a link to live chat support.

If you’re a professional aviation organization with an established flight dispatch or planning function that requires near real time positional flight-tracking capabilities, please contact us about receiving realtime data.