Reagan National Taxiway Wing Clipping

The most dangerous part of any trip is the one to and from the airport. Next, is the part of trip on the taxiways.

Nice quiet Sunday morning at DCA. USAir 2166/A319 to LGA and Republic (USAir Express) 3416/E70 to ROC touch wings.

No big deal, I guess, but…

Better try this link:

DCA is a very junior base for Republic. Low timers flying jets=wings will get clipped.

The guy at the end of the video got it right, he said, “Human error, …I guess they’re overworked.”

That could very well be the most asinine statement I’ve read yet. Accidents happen regardless of experience and it’s just as likely it was an old fart with bad eyes as an “low time” pilot.

He said asinine… heh heh…heh heh… :wink:

Hahahahahahahaha!!..would have said it myself if I thought I could get away with it.

Have you ever flown out of DCA, I have, multiple times, and every time myself and the other pilot have made asinine comments about the Republic E170’s speeding around the ramp and taxiways and how one day they are going to hit another airplane.

Last time I was there I had to slam on the brakes and almost send a certain NY Senator flying out of her seat because a Republic E170 started taxing out because the two pilot crew in the airplane couldn’t seem to remember their callsign that day. That made me look “asinine.”

The comment I first made was based on personal experience with those airplanes at that airport, it’s a culture thing there, OK.

Thanks for your uneducated and foolish reply to my original comment.

I did a double take on the names of the posters. I thought for sure it was lieberma and damiross and their usual sillyness

I am not trying to derail a thread or upset anyone, I apologize if I did.

However I don’t like when people just throw one line, not-thought-out-at-all insults at me on an internet message board.

Besides if this was a damiross vs lieberma squabble it would have started with my criticism of trafly’s grammar, followed by a 20 post retort with thousands of quotes and links about how this thread is in the wrong forum and that the links are too long etc… :smiley:

Msh I’m not upset by your post or the others. Sometimes a lightly funny response is welcomed here just as much as your professional observation. I favor both over some of the other stuff here.

Okay… I’ll play. trafly’s comment has some validity. For msh168 to say that

Low timers flying jets

is the root of a problem is a rather narrow minded point of view.

Now, it may very well be a “culture” issue, but that may also mean that there is a training and procedures, or lack there of, problem. But to say that it’s because of low time? The proper training of technique, procedures, and policies does not discriminate against experience level.

So…how did the above incident make you “look asinine”? If you had no other recourse but to “slam on the brakes” to avoid a collision…that’s not your fault. Was it because of a negative comment from the “certain NY senator” as a result of an incident not of your design? Like she has a clue anyway… :unamused:

My first comment was intended to be light-hearted, bringing a little levity to what has become…well whatever it’s become…

Link to the THE BANTER THREAD :wink:

Ask some of their younger guys about “circuit breaker bingo” or the guy who actually defecated in the assistant chief pilots V-file 2 months ago in Charlotte. How many of the members of the 20000 hour club are listening to their iPod while they are deviating around weather, or taking videos of steep and unusual approaches, because it looks “cool.”

I’m wrong. It’s not lack of experience it’s a lack of respect for a job that requires an abundance of awareness and respect for your surroundings, whether on the ground or in the air.

For the record, I am a “low timer” I’ve only got about 3000 hours, I am not a better pilot than any of them, I am a firm believer in “There are those who have and those who will.”

The difference with me is that I have had the privilege of flying with retired airline captains, and a couple of former USAF aircraft commanders. My job is to look out for the other guy, while he looks out for me. I was taught to respect my job and be a professional whether I am loading pax bags or flying the Roaring Fork Visual into ASE or the LOC\DME into TEX or simply the visual approach into my home base.

This isn’t about a clipped wing tip, it’s about a lack of respect.

I’m not sure who’s at fault in this incident, it doesn’t matter really. I’m not anti RJ, I also don’t have a solution, but if you have two guys up front that think this a game, there will be more accidents.

Like I said…

The proper training of technique, procedures, and policies does not discriminate against experience level.

There may be problems at Republic… and I agree with you that respect, proper personal conduct, and professionalism are keys. But having those traits has nothing to do with TT.

I say that maybe you are…because you seem to “get it”.

Sillyness or not, I don’t take false negative undeserved connotations about me too well…

You won’t find one post of me being negative toward another poster about their personality… Not even Dami.


Msh…So far you have classified my response as uneducated, foolish, not thought out, and an insult directed at you. In fact, it was none of those things. My post wasn’t an insult to you, just a reminder not to make generalized statements. We all form opinions on others based on experience, and you have obviously witnessed more than a few boneheaded moves by these guys at DCA. However, neither you nor I have any idea who is in the other cockpit at any given moment. Maybe it was an experienced guy having a bad day. Maybe it was a couple of knobs not paying attention. Point is, who knows one way or the other? In my 15+ years as a professional pilot I’ve seen every type of pilot you could imagine, and their professionalism usually had little to do with their experience levels. You obviously set a high bar for yourself and those around you, so good for you. Hopefully it will serve you well. But be careful about casting aspersions, lest you get a little ramp rash yourself. And yes, I operate at DCA on a regular basis. What a party huh ?

Both our posts got deleted last night. Although I thought we were both quite civil, alas.

I never intended to be “that guy” you know who he is the holier than thou pilot who has never made a mistake.

Anyways. Like i stated last night my initial post was made after having a couple errr a few beers at the Molly Gibson. I have since given a few other examples of a particular culture. I will agree with you that you never know who is in the cockpit. People f up.

Reference our gal pal, tell Du**e I said hi.

And lastly, I absolutely believe there are “Those who have and those will”

Congrats on your 15+ years I wish you many times more than that my friend.

I think the entire thread disappeared for a while! Likewise about being “that guy”. I should have expanded my initial comments. As you said, “Those that have…”

Here's a link to my favorite example of experienced pilots really screwing up.  C-5 Galaxy coming out of Dover AFB fully loaded, had a thrust reverser unsafe condition and shutdown the number 2 engine.  Somewhere along the line, they forgot which engine was dead and left the wrong power lever at idle! Amazingly, there were 3 pilots and 2 flight engineers on the flight deck.  This is a true CRM clusterf*#k.  You will hear the 2 FE talking on a hot mike, talking over the pilots, who cannot hear the FE's conversation. here it is: … dover.html

:smiley: Providing you “retract” and not "fixed and welded :smiley:

That’s the great thing! There are so many ways to screw up! There are taxiway lights to hit, linemen to direct your wingtip into adjacent hanger doors, tow bars to forget…I could go on and on.