Re-pair external antenna after water ingress?


Following a flooded external antenna, I’m thinking of

a)Buying a new one
b)“Cleaning” any damage / corrosion of the existing ant

Its been suggest I could clean it with contact cleaner and alcohol - would this make it “as good as new”, or should I just sack it off and buy a new one?

(NB - although I have built my own internal ants succesfully in the past, I’m keen to avoid the expence of “someone with ladders” everytime I want to adjust or improve the antenna).


Do you have a pair of antennas, which got unpaired? :smiley:

I also made some funny spelling mistakes.
Once instead of “home brew” I typed “hoe brew”, and another time instead of “screenshot” I typed “screenshit” :smiley:


@abcd567 LOL! :smiley:

Yes, my spelling does go to heck when I’m hammering out thoughts online, before I forget what I was thinking… :wink:

And, alas, I do only have one running antenna…

(Though when I get my ADSB rig back up again, interested in wideband SDR for traffic comms; first things first tho :wink: )


If you’re going to put up a VHF band antenna, may as well get ACARS too! I have a couple VHF antennas from an airplane. They’re on my to-do list to add them to the roof-top antenna farm.


Does your roof-top antenna farm resemble these ones? :smiley:


Not yet, but if my dreams come to fruition and the wife doesn’t get too annoyed, who knows. :smiley:


… and if my dream comes true, I will have a car like this one… :smiley:


:smiley: Like it!

Again, not sure which is the biggest hurdle - “ladder man” costs or GF! :wink: