Remove water corrosion by soaking?

Just a thought - is it possible / effectve to remove corrosion caused by a flooded antenna - on say a diplexer or inline amp?

Perhaps soak in vinegar / coke etc?

Maybe a silly question / daft idea… :wink:

have a look around for electrical contact cleaner (some have ingredients that remove light corrosion), then clean with alcohol.

Thanks @'Jam…

Will that get it “as good as new”, or for the relatively minimal cost of replacements, is it safer / better to just replace them?

Use Vaseline to protect your antenna.

If the problem is getting the connectors off,
A cotton wool ball soaked in plusgas left overnight taped to the connector body slightly above the siezed thread has never failed me yet. … B0001P02S4

It is said that a 50:50 mix of acetone (nail varnish remover) and ATF tranny fluid works even better for things that are really stuck fast.
If internal damage has occured,buy new, these things are so cheap to replace anyway.

Thanks @Radiostationx - I’ve replaced / ordered replacements for all the internal components - (coax, connectors, amp, amp psu).

Then I decided to get the preamp/filter and run that internally :wink:
Still, the other bits will be useful for a 2nd station when I get this one sorted…

Havent had a chance to inspect the external ant yet, it’s on the roof ridge, and I havent got ladders yet.

Will use all internals until confirmed working/optimised and waterproof